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Rebuilding Your Credit: A Guide to a Brighter Future is a financial literacy program developed by the American Center for Credit Education.

The goals of Rebuilding Your Credit are:

  • To educate you about what’s involved in rebuilding your personal finances and re-establishing your credit

  • To provide you with information so you can gain the confidence you need to make wise financial decisions

  • To provide you with information on how to protect yourself and your finances from scams and identity theft

Through Rebuilding Your Credit, you will learn about:

  • Reviewing your credit and credit report

  • Saving for emergencies

  • Keep your accounts current

  • Using credit carefully

  • Using a budget and other financial tools

  • Protecting yourself from scams and identity theft

Applying the financial information in Rebuilding Your Credit: A Guide to a Brighter Future will help you re-establish your credit and rebuild your finances. You can overcome your financial difficulties and have a brighter future.

Rebuilding Your Credit

"What’s the best thing I can do to improve my finances?” The practical information offered here will answer your questions so you’re prepared to rebuild your finances and credit.

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